2 queue options

I would consider there to be 2 separate paths for enjoying Wimbledon.

1. You are a fan of a particular player and the goal is to see him/her as much as possible.

2. You are more of a generalist and want to just experience the whole tourmament and get to see as much tennis as possible.

Path 1: A major caveat is that by focusing on 1 player, you will likely not see much other tennis. However, seeing Wimbledon King Federer on Centre Court is truly a breath taking, “tell-your-grandkids-about” experience.

Path 2: There are many fans who come for the overall experience, to see a lot of tennis or to relax outside on Henman Hill.

For both paths, you will need to join the queue, the difference is what time to arrive and what the waiting process will be like. Much more info on my insider tips page.