Packing List For Surviving Wimbledon Queue Camping

Obvious stuff you gotta have:

  • Tent- I highly suggest you get one that is easy to put up and take down & practice this before leaving!
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Inflatable camping mattress- this can be a lifesaver to add a touch of comfort to sleeping on the ground
  • Pillow
  • Tarp or plastic to put underneath tent- ground can get muddy when it rains
  • Passport, if non UK citizen
  • Phone that works in UK, if not from here

Other items that will greatly enhance your queue experience:
       Feel free to contact me for more details or any questions!

Warm clothes for sleeping- the queue gets extremely cold at night and the bathrooms are roughly a 5 min walk away. A waterproof jacket is also a good idea.

Umbrella- chances are it will rain so this is a necessity. Can also use to block out sun. The weather changes in an instant in this field so you have to be prepared for everything!

Sunscreen- contrary to conventional wisdom it can get very hot and sunny in London and if you are basically in an open field with no shade.

Earplugs- 100% essential to drown out other campers snoring & talking. The stewards insist the tents be set up very close to each other so your head will be a few feet from others' tents.

Flashlight or camping lantern- The queue can be pretty dark at night and while walking to the bathroom it is very easy to trip on the tons of tent strings/stakes. Also comes in handy for reading in your tent.

Small bag with soap, mini towel and other toiletries that you can bring to queue bathroom. There is not much space so something small you can hang on your shoulder is the best bet.

Shoes for walking & for rain- there is a lot more walking than you might expected so bring shoes that are comfortable for walking and standing. Also, you definitely need some footwear for the rain. The queue field gets extremely muddy so some cheap flip flops are a good idea.

Chair and/or blanket to sit on. If possible, having a folding camp chair will greatly enhance your comfort sitting in the queue for hours and hours. Would also suggest a blanket or something similar to sit on. In the mornings, the newspapers will sell cheap folded blankets for slight increase over the regular newspaper price. This is also an option if you don't mind paying a few pounds for something disposable.
Stuff to do- definitely chat with your queue neighbors but also bring a book or iPad to pass the time.

Electronics- tablet, ipod, etc. Do bring a backup power source like an external battery Apparently this year for the 1st time there will be wifi in the park, however with the large number of people I would be prepared for connection issues. Which is why I highly, highly suggest a...

Radio (old fashioned kind with batteries)- something that you would likely never think of but comes in incredibly handy. You can listen to Wimbledon Radio 87.7FM for match calls and stay up to date on the scores when the internet is being unreliable. Also good just to listen to music. Don't forget earphones!

Travel alarm clock (also battery operated)- Do not suggest relying on smartphones or other electronic alarm clocks. Of course unless you are a very deep sleeper you will likely wake up when the stewards come around and everyone is packing up their tents. If you want to get up before that (something I highly suggest and will elaborate more on in my insider tips) pick up a cheap travel alarm clock.

Protein bars- more of a "purchase when you arrive" item but these can be a life saver. There is not really a good opportunity to have breakfast when you are camping in the queue overnight and the soonest you can buy any food on the grounds is 9:30am. Even then, the only items available are salads and sandwiches.