***Updated for 2019***

What time do I need to get to Wimbledon Queue to see my favorite player?

Queue numbers roughly 1-500: Best place to be. Guaranteed Centre Court or you can pick Court 1 if you want.

500-1,000 range: The top section may get Centre Court considering some of the earlier fans could be picking Court 1. But, you will mostly have 2nd choice.

1,000-1,500 range: Again, the top section may get lucky with some Court 1 tickets but most will only have the option of Court 2.

1,500+ Possibly a few tickets left for Court 2 but zero chance at Centre Court or Court 1.

Every year the time gets earlier and earlier to be in the top 500 and be assured of getting Centre Court tickets (or Court 1 if you want). Some other factors are who is playing on which day and the weather conditions. Here are last year's queue timings as a guide for 2019 but I expect the crowds to be even larger especially on days Federer is playing. Last year the crowds were massive, even before the queue officially opened. Finally, keep in mind these times are for people camping overnight so the time to arrive is given for the day before you want to go to the tennis.

Queue Arrival Times

Sun June 30 8 am: Queue officially opens.

However, by this time last year there were already roughly 1,000 people in line. People started camping outside the park on Fri and by Sat evening the count had hit 500+ (the entire allocation of Centre Court tickets). A huge factor was Federer being defending champion and the certainty of him playing on Day 1, although in prior years there have been roughly about 400 in line before 8 am so I highly recommend arriving well beforehand.

FYI, showing up mid-day on Sunday would have gotten you a queue card around the 1,300 mark.

Monday: Queue for Day 2 which included Nadal & Djokovic

5:45am 102

11am 196

12pm 350

2:30pm 400

5:15pm 576 [This includes some who were inside watching Federer’s match and when it concluded got back into the queue for his match on Day 3]

9pm 1,030

11:30pm 1,250

Tuesday: Queue for Day 3 Federer

7am 400-500

12pm 600-700

6pm 858

9pm 1,000

9:30pm 1,100+

Wednesday: Queue for Day 4 Nadal & Djokovic

9:40am Under 50

10:30am 210

1:30pm Under 300

7:30pm 750 [About 300-400 queuing for 2 days later, day 6]

8:55pm 900

Thursday: Queue for Day 5. Federer

7am 363

9am 465

9:30am 492

12pm 650

2pm 700-800

5:40pm 923

7:10pm 1,088

9pm 1,340 [About 240 queuing for 2 days later, day 7]

11:10pm 1,582

Friday: Queue for Day 6. Nadal & Djokovic

6:30am 300

9:15am 445

2pm 650

4:35pm 886

6:45pm 1,139

8:50pm 1,603

Saturday: Queue for Day 8- Remember no play on middle Sunday and everyone plays on Monday.

8am 250

10:30am 500

2:30pm 700

10:25pm 896

By Sunday at 12:30pm there were about 1,200. By 7:30pm about 1,570.

Monday: Queue for Days 9 & 10. The next day's queue is for for women's quarterfinals on Tues but since men's quarterfinals are in such high demand and its the last day queuers can get tickets some people queue for 2 days.

8am 100 (for Wed)

11am 150 total for Tues & Wed

Tuesday: Queue for Day 10 Men's Quarterfinals

4:15am 670 total for Tues & Wed

5:45am 921 total for Tues & Wed

7:30am 1,978 [About 600 queuing for 2 days later, Wed men’s quarterfinals]

9:10am 2,629 all for Wed

And that's it! No more queuing allowed!

For more details about how the Wimbledon queue process works, start here.