Federer Tournament Travel Example 1:

Indian Wells Tennis 2017

Before: Around $3,500      After: Around $2,400    

Savings: Approx $1,100


5 nights

2 people- 1 flying from NYC & 1 flying from Chicago


Flights Before:     About $400-500   After $189.40

  • Flights on Friday to Palm Springs were more expensive than the flights returning to NYC/Chicago on Wednesday. I used 25,000 United miles (+$11.20) for the NYC-Palm Springs flight and found a deal using Amex points for the Chicago-Palm Springs flight that only used 19,698 points.
  • The return flight to NYC was quite cheap so I just paid for that at a cost of $167 and again used United miles for the Chicago to Palm Springs flight, 25,000 miles (+11.20).
  • You may not have this exact combination of United miles and Amex points but you likely have at least one loyalty program and there are many ways of getting these type of discounts or finding cheap flights. Just ask!

Lodging Before: Around $250-450 per night for hotel, $250-300 per night for Airbnb      After: $199.60 per night

  • After doing exhaustive research with lodging options looking at hotels, Airbnbs, combinations of the two, different dates, using points/miles vs cash, etc…I was able to find a great deal on Airbnb. Again, there are many options including breaking up your stay into part hotel, part Airbnb or using loyalty programs, it just takes a lot of research!

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