#3 The Greatest Of All Time’s Greatest Shot

Roger Federer def Novak Djokovic 7-6 7-5 7-5 Semifinals 9/13/09

A legendary, famous shot in tennis history is Roger Federer’s tweener winner in the semifinals of the US Open 2009. I was there in person to witness this incredible, jaw-dropping moment!

Men’s semifinal day is one of the most intense, exciting days at the open. You are usually guaranteed to see some really amazing tennis by the top players. It was two and a half hours into the 2nd semifinal match between Federer and Djokovic. Federer was up 7-6 7-5 6-5 Love-30 with Djokovic serving. It had been a close, very competitive match and I was stressing the whole time. The famous point started out with a few baseline rallies and then Djokovic hit a drop shot that sent Federer running up towards the net. He got there in time and hit it back to Djokovic who then lobbed it over Federer’s head. Anyone else would have viewed this as a lost cause or maybe run but not got there in time. Federer ran back to the baseline and since his back was turned to the court, the only option was the between the legs shot.  In such an awkward position, Federer hit the most amazing winner right past Djokovic, landing in the far corner of the court.  If you have ever picked up a racquet, you know how unbelievably difficult something like this is. Just hitting a passing winner when you are facing the court is not always that easy. My description cannot due this amazing shot justice, it is better to just watch it.

Since then this famous shot has occasionally been copied and imitated but none can compare to the original.  It was just so unexpected and incredible that I could not believe my eyes. They replayed it on the large screen above Ashe stadium and the crowd went crazy! The best is seeing everyone’s reaction’s from Federer’s celebratory jump, to his dad’s excitement, the crowd’s standing ovation and Djokovic’s stunned smirk.

As my tennis partner who was at the match with me put it, Roger Federer is from somewhere called planet Tennis. No normal human can do what he does on the tennis court. With the tweener winner giving Federer match point, there was no question that he would win the next point and the match, advancing to his 6th consecutive US Open final.